Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chianti Hills

Well, I’m finally abroad painting the Italian countryside. The Tuscan landscape is quite beautiful this time of year with nice warm weather and interesting skies but it’s very green. The workshop I will be teaching starts soon, but I’ve been working on a commissioned vineyard scene this past week. Looking forward to painting some town scenes after five solid days of vine rows. Plus, I’ve had to fill all my down-time with double espressos, prosciutto and Sangiovese, so its been a tough week.

Here is one of the views I found with these amazing flowering bushes that are a nice break from all the verde. Another feature I love are these tall Italian Cypress trees that are conveniently everywhere to break the horizontal horticulture. They’re a great simple shape, but still have subtle color shifts that keep them interesting. In this composition, I was trying to keep your eye bouncing from the yellow flowers on the left to the big cypress to the villa in the distance. I popped in more Cypress as needed to break lines and hold you in. Nothing like an game of visual pinball as your eye caroms back and forth on all the juxtaposed diagonals. Ahh the 70’s! Ciao.


  1. Beautiful painting Greg! I'm sure there is a view waiting to be painted everywhere you look.

    Boy, I really wish I could have signed up for the workshop. You are such a great teacher that I'm sure your students will learn a huge amount about painting during the week.

    Thanks for posting this, at least I can imagine being there....

  2. Oh, to be in Italy! Love the composition. This is an exciting piece to look at. Like you said the eye bounces in a wonderful order out to that great villa in the distance.
    Enjoy, cant' wait to see what's next. Ciao!

  3. Nice work goin' on there in Tuscany!
    Just letting you know, I'am glad you started blogging. And in my last post, I put a link for my gang to come over and visit.
    Carry On ~

  4. Oh, geee.... too bad you have to spend your time in Italy painting!!

    Love your work, Greg.
    If you have time, I've passed on the KREATIV BLOGGER award to you. Be well.

  5. Thanks for transporting us Greg. Wish I could be there! Those towering cedars are a challenge but yours are beautiful.

  6. The painting is beautiful! I am glad you are all having fun...please give my mom (Dee Kirkham) a hug from her daughter and grandson (Here in California). We wish we were there to enjoy Italy with you all but then she'd never get any painting! Ciao! Jennifer